Step 4. Build the flowchart

In this section we are going to build our iris classification project flowchart.

The build workspace shows a detailed view of the current build workflow. Since we have chosen a classification project, the preset workflow for such projects type displays. It is only the default configuration applied for similar projects . However, we can always modify it later.

The default classification project Workflow contains the following modules:

  • Dataframe loader/converter

  • Features selector

  • Support Vector Classifier (Our ML model)

  • Labeled data splitter

  • Trainer ML models

  • Evaluator

  • Item saver

The build workspace is where we design our first workflow. The viewport can be fitted at will.

For building our iris classification project :

  1. we need to configure those modules and

  2. furthermore add :

  • the Processing Pipeline

  • our initial Dataset.

We are going to develop these steps in in the next sections.

To adjust the viewport, below the menu, there is a set of functions to choose from:

  • zooming/magnifying

  • reducing the environment size

  • seizing and moving the whole flowchart...