Step 1. Create the project

To begin modeling, let us create our first project. To do so, we are going to use a classification project template .

To create a project, we need to return to the Dashboard menu accessible by the home page icon. From there, click the + "Create a new project" button. A prompt opens, with empty fields where we need to insert the information from our project.

🥢 As options, we can:

  • either borrow a template by choosing among the preset classification and object detection projects in the scroll down menu ,

  • start from scratch with an empty new one,

  • or opt for one of the two sample projects available.

Apart from that, we also can save a project as a template and replicate it for reuse across other environments.

For this tutorial , let us borrow a classification template, then create our project under the name : “Iris classification project” .

Once it appears on the workspace, click on it .

N.B : The newly created project became visible from the dashboard. At the same time, our point of view moves from the dashboard to the Projects window.

Creating an Iris classification project with SmartPredict.